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Last updated March 22nd, 2022.


  1. AlpacaMarket is a website managed by Mark Hamstra Web Development (Oenemastate 14, 8962 PR, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce 52454606). At AlpacaMarket we provide a platform to bring together advertisers of alpacas and interested parties, potential buyers. As an Advertiser of one or more alpacas, you place Content on our website.
  2. When visiting or using AlpacaMarket, there are a number of things you need to bear in mind. The following rules apply. Before you create an account on AlpacaMarket you must explicitly agree to these terms.
  3. (Also) by visiting AlpacaMarket or using AlpacaMarket you agree to these Terms of Use.

Using AlpacaMarket

  1. We take great care in providing our website. We cannot guarantee that the content of our website is correct, up to date and complete. Neither can we guarantee that the website will work uninterruptedly and/or is free of errors.
  2. AlpacaMarket contains specific facilities, namely an online marketplace where advertisers of alpacas and interested parties are brought into contact with each other. AlpacaMarket is never party to an agreement between advertisers/seller and interested/buyer of alpacas.
  3. Our website contains links to third-party websites. Different terms and conditions may apply on these websites. We take great care in linking to third-party websites, but cannot be held responsible for the contents of such pages or for the software offered for download on these websites. Our links to third-party websites do not necessarily mean that we recommend these websites, agree with their content or cooperate in any way with them.
  4. We may make changes to our website, including Content, at our own discretion, without prior notice to you.

Intellectual property rights

  1. All intellectual property rights on AlpacaMarket, including its own content as posted, are owned by Mark Hamstra Web Development, to the extent that these rights are not limited by the rights of third parties. Intellectual property rights include texts, images, photographs, sounds, software and the graphic design of web pages.
  2. We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties. It is important to us that you also respect these rights. To protect these interests, the following restrictions apply when using AlpacaMarket:
    • It is not allowed in any way whatsoever to modify parts of Alpacamarkt.nl, to copy (electronically), to take over, to reuse or otherwise reproduce or make public, except when explicitly permitted by us.
    • It is not permitted to set up a hyperlink to AlpacaMarket in such a way that an internet user will see this website in a frame of another internet page. Exception is the possibility offered by AlpacaMarket to integrate advertisements from Providers on the website of the Provider in question.
  3. If a third party believes that AlpacaMarket infringes its intellectual property rights, this third party can use our Complaints Procedure.

Complaints Procedure

  1. If you find that users of AlpacaMarket on our website have infringed your rights and / or acted unlawfully or criminally, you can complain to us through our Complaints Procedure. You can do so by sending an email to info@alpacamarket.co.uk and state: your contact details, what content your complaint is about (preferably with direct url), why you think this content is unlawful, and what you expect from AlpacaMarket.
  2. Ook als u andere klachten hebt, kunt u die bij ons melden door een mail te sturen naar info@alpacamarket.co.uk and state: your contact details, a clear explanation of your complaint, and what you expect from AlpacaMarket.
  3. Complaints will be answered within 14 days.

Privacy and cookies

  1. We respect your privacy and follow the framework of the GDPR to protect your personal data. We process your personal data carefully, securely and in accordance with our privacy policy.
  2. Every visit to and use of our website(s) is subject to our privacy policy, which forms an integral part of these conditions.
  3. We only use functional first-party cookies.

User Profiles

  1. Both as an interested party and as a Provider, you can create a free Profile on AlpacaMarket. Of course you need to complete the profile information truthfully and you are always responsible for the safe use of your Profile and associated login information.
  2. We do not review Profiles prior to their creation on our website. We do, however, reserve the right at any time, including independently of the Complaints Procedure, to immediately remove, modify, or otherwise change Profiles from our website. We may also block the use of our website if we see good reason to do so.
  3. You have the option of creating sub-users (email addresses) under a main account. As the main user of the relevant Profile, you are at all times responsible for the creation, deletion and use of such sub-users.


  1. We exclude, to the extent permitted by law, liability for any damages (direct or indirect) that a user suffers as a result of use of the services of AlpacaMarket and/or AlpacaMarket not being available (or safely) and/or incorrect information on AlpacaMarket and/or by (behavior of) animals purchased through AlpacaMarket and/or changes in the services of AlpacaMarket or changes in/on the website.
  2. If we, for whatever reason, are liable, then our liability is limited to the maximum total compensation that user has paid to AlpacaMarket during the six months preceding the act giving rise to the liability or up to EUR 200, whichever is higher.
  3. You indemnify us against all claims by third parties, including (prospective) buyers or Advertisers with whom you conclude a purchase agreement or enter into negotiations regarding (an) alpaca(s) offered for sale/mating by you/they through our platform. Each Advertiser is fully responsible for ensuring that he/she complies with all applicable regulations concerning (the sale of) animals and, if applicable, consumer law, and that the alpaca offered by him/her complies with the sales agreement (conformity) and has the qualities that the buyer may expect.

Changes to terms of use and website

  1. AlpacaMarket has the right to amend these terms of use if, in its opinion, this is necessary or desirable and without requiring your consent. Amendments to the Terms of Use shall be effective immediately, unless otherwise specified in the amendment.
  2. AlpacaMarket may change (parts of) the website and the services at any time. We may also discontinue our services. We will endeavour to give reasonable notice of any such change or discontinuance before they take effect.

Dutch law / Disputes

  1. On AlpacaMarket and the relationship between AlpacaMarket and the user/visitor, Dutch law is exclusively applicable.
  2. If you are a consumer, the subdistrict court of your place of residence (or actual domicile) is competent to take cognisance of disputes at all times. If you are not a consumer, the choice is made to submit any disputes to the District Court of North Netherlands, Leeuwarden location.

In addition, the additional terms for advertisers apply.

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