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AlpacaMarket is the reliable platform for alpaca farms and breeders to sell their alpacas. Build your farms brand with a dedicated profile, and easily integrate your listings within your own site.

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Easy & accessible

When you're browsing for an alpaca to buy, or a stud service to book, you're not looking for complicated menus and endless forms. At AlpacaMarket, we make sure listings are easy to filter and accessible to potential buyers.

Everything we do is based on getting the right people to view your listing, to provide you with quality leads and meaningful connections. That includes promoting your listing on social media, sponsoring and partnering with shows, sending email notifications to users who have expressed interest in certain types of alpacas, and technical optimisations to ensure our website and your listings are widely available on search engines.

No subscriptions

Rather than a subscription-based model, AlpacaMarket works on a pay-per-listing model where you pay for what you use. When signing up, you get 5 free credits to place your first listings for free.

Sale listings are valid for 3 months and cost £7,50 or 1 credit to publish. To extend a sale listing by another 3 months and put it back at the top of the list costs £5, or 1 credit.

Listings for stud services are valid for a full year and cost £25 or 4 credit for the initial period. After that year-long extensions cost £20 or 3 credits.

If you're selling multiple animals or stud services, you can save a lot of money by buying credit packs. Credits are available in packs from 10 (£4,50 each) to 100 credits (£2 each) and are used to publish or extend listings with a single click.

Your own farm profile

As a farm or breeder, you get an optional farm profile. You can use this to promote your farm, explain what services you may offer, show all your current listings in one place, etc. The farm profile can include your logo, verified contact details, and link to your own website—all free of charge.

The farm profile is technically optional, but strongly recommended for the additional exposure and verification available. If you run a very small farm and just need to sell an alpaca or two, you can also publish listings without having a published profile.

Free website integration

Do you have a website of your own? Then you'll want to take advantage of our free website integration to put your sales and stud list on there as well. The integration is a simple copy & paste, and can be customised with different colors and layouts to meet your branding.

If you'd like to customise the integration even more than what the free integration offers, that's possible, too! For further customisations we charge an hourly fee, so pricing depends on your wishes.

Insight in visits

We work effortlessly to promote your listings and profile to the right audience, to find the right buyer. To give you insight into how that's going, you have access to (anonymous) statistics of views, clicks, and actions taken (such as visiting your website or sharing the listing on social media).

Being able of seeing how well your listing performs will give you a good idea of which listing is better than others, so you can improve them with some new photos or teaser text.

Building trust in the community

When selling or promoting online, there's always risks of scams and people pretending to be people they're not. We think it's important to build that trust, together.

There are different ways this becomes apparent on the website. We require potential buyers to be logged in with a verified email address before any contact details are available, we scan messages sent via the platform for spam, and we take affirmative action against users found to be spamming or abusing the platform both through automatic and manual means.

It's not only about the buyers, though. Advertisers need to prove themselves too. All farm profiles are reviewed before publishing, and we will reject a profile if we cannot validate the profile represents who they say they are, especially for professional breeders. For example, we match contact details against records registered with the British Alpaca Society, and require an official email address to be used for professional breeders.

For listings we also require certain quality standards to be met. Not every single listing will be for a grand champion alpaca, however we do require good photos and all the necessary information for a potential buyer to make a suitable determination. We also validate farm prefixes against the registry.

If a sale or stud service is agreed upon, it is up to the buyer and seller to set the terms. AlpacaMarket is explicitly not a part of the sale. We always recommend following the guidance and templates offered by the British Alpaca Society, and to double-check claims made in listings.

Collaborate with multiple user accounts

To login at AlpacaMarket you use your email address. If you have shared ownership of a farm, you can easily invite additional email addresses to help manage and publish listings and your profile.

Referrals = free credits

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