Listing requirements and review

Last updated on March 24th, 2022.

To provide a complete and accurate offer, all published listings must meet the following requirements.

Despite these requirements and review, it is impossible for AlpacaMarket to confirm all information in a listing is accurate and complete. Buyers remain solely responsible to remain critical when making a purchase.

Generally speaking AlpacaMarket reviews listings before they are published, however we will be rolling out more automatic checks which will lead to a larger portion of listings to get published immediately.

Only listings for selling alpacas or stud services are accepted. Other animals, or other alpaca related services or goods (such as hikes, workshops, or wool products) will be rejected.

Minimal requirements

Listings that do not meet the following requirements will be rejected.

  1. Name of the listing is an exact match with the name of the animal
    1. Must include the breeder prefix
    2. May not include any other additions, such as those meant to attract attention
    3. An exception can be made for package sales, where not all of the alpaca names fit in the name and instead a non-spammy, objective summary may be used.
  2. Short description is filled out in at least one language, containing a brief summary or teaser of the most important aspects of the animal.
  3. At least one clear photo of the animal is added which clearly shows the build of the animal.
    1. If more than one alpaca are visible on the first (primary) photo, it must be immediately obvious which of the animals is on sale or offered for stud services through the composition or a highlight.
    2. If multiple photos are provided, the first (primary) photo must clearly show the animal and not for example a wool analysis or pedigree screenshot.
  4. Gender/category, type, and colours have been selected and visually match what can be seen on the photo.
    1. In case of a uniform fleece, choose the colour that best fits. We do not strictly differentiate between for example light fawn and medium fawn, because it is impossible to accurately differentiate between such shades from a picture.
    2. In case of a multi-coloured fleece, choose the most appropriate multi-colour option first if a certain pattern can be identified (such as pinto or appaloose), and the colours identifiable in the fleece as extra colours.
    3. If an alpaca registration is provided (AAB, BAS), the registered colour must also match the selected colour.
  5. Date of birth is provided and reasonable based on the pictures.
  6. Listing has a price, or is marked as sold/reserved.
    1. It is allowed to publish new listings for animals that are already sold or reserved, with the intention of listing them on your own website through the integration. Reserved/sold listings still need to be paid for.
  7. At least one generation is provided in the pedigree (father and mother).
    1. If available, registration numbers should be added to each generation.
    2. If the father or mother animals are not known, that must be explicitly stated in the pedigree as "Unknown" or "Not available".
  8. Listing contents are provided in at least one language with relevant information.
    1. At the very least the listing contents must contain the same information provided in the short introduction, but preferably more. Consider registration information, unique aspects (pattern, character, lineage, halter trained, etc), show results, your own requirements for potential buyers, and included or available services.
    2. The contents must be easy to read, properly formatted, without spam, links, or other items that do not belong in the listing content.
  9. Breeder prefix must match the farm, or the alpaca is registered and have confirmed ownership.
    1. If the alpaca is NOT registered with the AAB, AZVD, or BAS registries (or the registration number is not provided), the use of breeder prefixes other than the prefix of the farm offering the alpaca is not allowed.
    2. If the alpaca is NOT registered with the AAB, AZVD, or BAS registries (or the registration number is not provided), and the farm offering the alpaca is not a confirmed member of these registries either, the animal MAY NOT use a farm prefix as their use is subject to registry terms.

We consider this list a guideline and may reject listings for reasons not explicitly mentioned here, or change these requirements in the future. If you disagree with our verdict, we're happy to discuss it in more detail.


The points below are optional, but are useful to help you sell the animal or stud service.

  1. 3-7 high quality photos showing different sides of the animal, a detail shot of the head, and a detail show of the fleece.
  2. Full pedigree registry numbers are provided for AAB, AZVD, or BAS registries. We're currently working on using these numbers to automatically verify ownership and the provided information.
  3. Complete pedigree showing several generations
    1. The pedigree is maintained within your account. If you use the same stud or bloodline within your herd, you'll find the pedigree will automatically suggest and backfill the pedigree when selected.
    2. The pedigree will show a maximum of 5 generations.
  4. We automatically include verified show results when available, which is matched based on the name of the alpaca.
    1. We do not have all shows indexed. If your alpaca won prizes that are not shown, please email us, and we will see if we can import those show results to add the show highlight to your listing.
    2. The best or most recent show result will be shown automatically in the list of alpacas for sale or stud services.

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